Healing With Heart During Covid

At Powder Springs we strive for the utmost in happiness, health, and comfort for our residents. We go above and beyond to Heal with Heart. We don’t do our duty and leave. We will always go that extra mile for our residents. That being said, we would like to announce the launching of our NEW and LATEST Improvement! Every resident residing at Powder Springs received their very own tablet! With Covid on the rise again, we want to make sure our residents can always stay in touch with their loved ones while staying stimulated and happy. The tablet gives them access to the latest and the oldies of music, movies and of course games! They can even reach out to their nurses or directors directly through the tablet. The residents are all immensely enjoying all the benefits their tablets provide them with. We are glad and proud we were able to bring hope, happiness and sunshine into our residents' lives once again!

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